The research project PERCOM is based on the needs of many municipalities, especially mayors, who are actively looking for best practice frameworks to gain public support in implementing projects aimed primarily at residents of marginalized Roma communities but with a practical impact on the whole community.

The aim of the project is to discover, implement and share communication strategies that could help political representatives of municipalities to gain the public support for approving projects aimed at Roma integration. In another sense, the project aims to contribute to strengthening social cohesion at the local level.

The research was led by Andrej Findor and Matej Hruška (FSEV UK) in cooperation with Tomáš Hrustič (SAS) and Zuzana Bošeľová (NMŠ).

A total of 9 experimental surveys of public opinion, preferences and bias were carried out.

In addition to 7 online surveys, 2 face-to-face surveys were conducted, one of them was carried out on a representative sample of Roma in Slovakia.

List of visited municipalities: Liptovská Teplička, Dlhé Stráže, Spišský Štvrtok, Kružlová, Raslavice, Lenartov, Spišský Hrhov, Hranovnica, Vtáčkovce, Ostrovany, Červenica, Zborov, Malý Slivník, Frička

Percom Mapa
Development of the Percom project

You can find more about our research project and its results in the downloadable Policy Brief Document below.